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We are developing a Future Intentions Plan (FIP) before preparing any detailed plans or development applications (DA). This means we will consult with you again on our detailed development proposals in accordance with the ACT Government’s pre-DA community consultation processes and other statutory DA processes.

We hope our early discussions will help us to create a good relationship together. Through building strong communities of practice first, we should be able to achieve a sustainable, safe, and welcoming Campus environment that connects harmoniously with the open urban space.

Don’t be a stranger! We invite you to get to know us early in the process and share your views. Learn more by reading the about page and stay up to date by joining our mailing list.

Upcoming opportunities to participate

Now - Future Intentions Plan consultation

  • Oct 2020

    Step 1

    Monday 30th of November 2020

    Introductory project update presentation to key stakeholder groups - we will outline our consultation process and provide relevant background information.

    Mode: Zoom (via invitation)

    Time: 10:30am

  • Nov 2020

    Step 2

    Tuesday 9th of February 2021

    Consultation Round 1: Present draft concept and collaborate

    Mode: Zoom

    Time: 11 am

  • Feb 2021

    Step 3

    Thursday 25th of February 2021

    Consultation Round 2: Present refined concept and collaborate

    Mode: TBC

    Time: 3pm

  • Mar 2021

    Step 4

    Wednesday 24th of Mar 2021

    Consultation Round 3: Report and return feedback opportunity

    Mode: TBC

    time: 6pm

Later - Pre-Development Application consultations

  • Late 2021

    Stage 1

    Late 2021

    Development consultation

  • 2022

    Later stages


    Specific consultation for each additional stage of development

We are listening to you!

So far, we have heard a mixture of things.

Based on the ACT Government’s 2018 Survey and resulting ‘What We Heard Report’ and their Final Report:

85% support for the redevelopment and revitalisation of the site a s a higher education and enhanced community precinct including student accommodation

  • Traffic and Parking is a major concern to residents.
  • There is strong support for higher multi-level student accommodation if it means more green space can be preserved.
  • Strong support to preserve as much open space as possible.
  • Concern over a potential loss of community facilities.

Click hear to view their Final Report.

Based on early input we sought from the National Capital Design review Panel (NCDRP), key elements the AIE should consider include:

  • Tree preservation.
  • Pedestrian and traffic access and movements including parking.
  • The function of the site as a destination in a suburban context and how its use fits within Canberra's broader education and arts community.
  • The incorporation of high-quality landscape and public places.
  • The need to ensure integration with the green space design being undertaken by the ACT Government.


How are we responding?

We have engaged Tania Parkes Consulting to guide us through the process of properly undertaking a meaningful community consultation process. We will respond through a variety of measures which may include personal responses, published summary reports, adjusting and finessing our Future Intentions Plan.

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