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The Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s

Watson Campus Renewal

After first consulting with the community in February 2018 regarding possible future site uses, the ACT Government in August 2020 agreed to the terms for a direct sale of part of Block 1, Section 13, Watson to the non-profit Academy of Interactive Entertainment Limited (AIE).

Read the ACT Government's media release - Supporting local jobs, education and innovation through AIE Agreement

AIE’s approved Future Intentions Plan outlines its development intentions for the land.  AIE undertook consultation with the community regarding their future intentions from November 2020 to March 2021. AIE’s draft Future Intentions Plan was Approved by the ACT Government in September 2021 noting the requirement for minor amendments. Final approval was granted in December 2021.

The market rate purchase of ‘Block A’ referred to in the Future Intentions Plan to The Academy of Interactive Entertainment Limited (AIE) concluded in April 2022.  Block A is now Section 13 Block 4, Watson.

Next steps

The Campus development will be staged over a 20-year period to 2040.

Having concluded the purchase of Section 13 Block 4, Watson, AIE has now commenced a detailed design phase for Stage 1 development and is preparing information for Pre-Development Application consultation with the community. The timeline for this will be announced in due course.


AIE’s vision for the future of the site

This place has long been an education hub for those focused on the future. Our Vision for the site is focused on supporting AIE graduates into meaningful employment opportunities and enterprise creation programs. Students will be able to live, learn and create on-site. Watch this short video to learn more about AIE.

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